My Personal Health Journey

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My hip has been hurting for a few weeks now. I don't remember actually injuring it but with all that I do (work, kids, etc.) I guess I could have done something to it. After going over a bunch of stuff with my chiropractor yesterday, he recommended I change my diet based on this web site: I'm all for it. So yesterday I shopped for fruits & veggies. I need to try to eliminate grains. I already follow some pretty good guidelines so I thought this shouldn't be too difficult. Well, it's not too difficult, it just requires a little more planning. I also have to stay away from the much craved tortilla chips. But this is so worth it.

Last night was difficult. . . this morning I'm doing pretty well thus far. I did give in & take some ibuprofen, however, because I just cannot have another long agonizing day like yesterday. I've also forgone the coffee for this morning (oh my goodness!) & instead had a cup of tea. God help me on this one. Coffee calls to me much like chocolate (which I can have if I have dark chocolate. . .) Anyway, I'm determined. Took my vitamins already this AM too. And I do need to work on my Vitamin D production. . .sunny out, but kind of cold. I might have to follow advice & seek a tanning salon. I can only go for a few minutes anyway. . .& it will help me not look so pasty.

You know, my symptoms did come about when I started being lax on my good for me diet. I even actually (am I really going to admit this? yes, full disclosure here) drank a Coke a couple of weeks ago. There, I said it. I have not had a Coke in 3 years.. YES, 3 YEARS! And much like addicts always say, once you have one, another one would be so easy to have. . .but I refrained. I only had one. I wanted another. . . for many days in fact. . .but I fought off the urge (picture Godzilla here & me fighting him off). I had also been eating fried food at work (it called to me really) & had been having an occassional alcoholic beverage in the evening. . . I didn't get toasted or anything. . .just a drink or 2. Now, an alcoholic I am not. . but I get a buzz after one half of one drink. . sometimes sooner, no kidding. You know, most alcohol is made from, you got it, distilled grain! All makes sense now, doesn't it? Grains = inflammation. So there you go.

Alright, so that's not the only slacking I've been doing, but you get the point. I also have clutter that I need to tackle (see other blog). That's my mission for today (hence the need for the anti inflammatory drugs). Wish me luck & check back in later:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SPRING is finally here

And so my walking has begun. Of course, I just about passed out from a massive heart attack yesterday. . . while at work, I wandered onto the scale. Yes, I wandered onto it. . . that happens where I work. So I am adjusting the little weighty things. . . and keep moving it over & over & over. . . here's the passing out almost part. . . as I near the 150 mark. . . I am starting to perspire heavily & think, "MY GOD, what could I possibly have eaten to put on 15 pounds in like one week?" (I weighed myself about 7-10 days ago on the same scale - wandering again). I realize that I broke my almighty eating code of ethics more than once in the past week but this is a bit strange. So I wander (yes, I tend to wander quite a bit lately) up to the front nursing station & sit my now much heavier than last week ass down (hey, wandering wasn't working so I thought I needed a break). I ask anyone who would listen, "So, is there anything wrong with the scale in the back?" Bridget K, the saviour of my sanity replies, "You mean the old one? Yeah, that's been broken for quite a while. Didn't you notice the little moveable thingy (yes, we're very technical in our terminology) kind of sticks?" PHEW! By no means is 150 fat. . . it would be for my body frame, however, as I'm usually around the 120 mark. . . and it's my blog so I can call myself whatever I want to. That said, I feel somewhat better, even though I don't know what I weigh. . .and it doesn't really matter WHAT I weigh. . .it's how I feel & that really isn't all that great right now. . .so I need to get my butt moving.
So, with the help of my dog, Bailey & my littlest boy, Carter, we will walk again today. . .maybe even twice. I can't do anything more strenuous as my right hip is giving me trouble yet. I'm sure I'll be pulling the wagon for the boy. . . that will help my arm strength. I'll be calling on Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer techniques to keep Bailey in check. We should track both me & Bailey for inches lost. . . winter was rough on both of us.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One step forward. . .

And 2 steps BACK! Read: to see what I mean. . And tonight wasn't very much better. . . (did that make sense? Hmmm) I did, however, do some Wii boxing today & built up quite a nice sweat. . I know, TMI. . . I'm still kind of sore. . .but not as sore as I was yesterday. I'm on the upswing. HA - get it? UpSWING??? Tee hee. . .must be the cheese & chips I just ate getting to me! Yup, I did it again. . .I ate past 8PM. I'm going right to good eating Hell for this one. . . plus I ate a sugar cookie that was in the freezer. IT'S that freezer's fault! It's to blame for the GSC fiasco last night & then again tonight with the sugar cookie. . . If only I would have self control!!!!

I can feel the fat racing to my hips & butt cheeks. Oh, by the way, "butt crack" has now become Carter's words of choice for name calling. Great! I think I can thank my almost 6 year old, Parker for that one. Of course, it gets a rise out of us. . .so he just spews it out until he's a rolling heap of giggles. That kid is something else!

I work tomorrow. . .so taking the steps & walking swiftly will be on my To Do list for the day. Maybe the 4 flights of steps will be easier now. . .yeah right!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


HOLY COW! I am SO incredibly sore today! I played tennis yesterday morning. . OK, Wii Tennis. . .but tennis just the same. . .but that's not what whooped my butt. I BOXED! And I kicked some royal bootie!!!! I knocked out 4 or 5 guys in a row. I know, hold the applause. I totally rock!
And then last night I took on the boys in some tennis & some baseball. This morning I surely felt the effects of spring training. My shoulders & arms are crying out, "WHAT THE . . ?" My 33 year old muscles are just not used to this anymore. So what did I do today? you may ask. Well, I decided to not push it too much. We must pace ourselves here. Wouldn't want to get a season ending injury after just a couple of days. So instead I have been doing some coloring with Carter, some clean up, clean up with Carter & some dishes - not with Carter. I also jogged a few hundred yards with our dog, Bailey. (I'm attempting to be the Dog Whisperer with her. . .had to get out some of that pent up energy. Something tells me we have a long way to go. Bailey is supposed to be about 15 to 18 pounds. . .she's about 25 right now:( Oops. Bad doggy Mommy!) I digress. . . I then shoveled some of the snow & ice away from the house to aid in melting. THAT did it. . . shoulders are not happy right now. I don't know if I will have the stamina to make supper tonight.

I will survive! Tomorrow it's back to boxing & tennis again. Hopefully I'll be able to update you with the progress. (If my arms still work.)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gotta Start NOW!!!

OK, so I looked in the mirror this evening. ..and I do have frumpy clothes on this evening . . . but HOLY COW! I have added some padding to my midsection over the last several months. I have to start NOW to get it gone. I should have started before I gained it. . .but better late than never.

So, let it be known that I, Jennifer Borley, will begin my weight loss efforts. I will exercise. I will drink more water. I will consume less crap food. I will lounge less. I will try not to eat past 8 PM.

OK. . .that being said, I do have a bit of a craving right now. . . but NO! I will not surrender. I started my Perfect Cleanse today & I will take the bedtime dose of whatever that is. . .and the required water to go with it & then some (I always drink a lot of water).

Wish me luck. I think I will go ahead & measure myself in the morning. I don't have a scale. . .so that will wait until I go to work to get that part. I am guessing I have a good 10 pounds to lose.

I will not purchase new clothes until I drop a pants size. . . because I just went up a pants size & that is not making me very happy. I will probably have to wear a skirt for Easter!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Long Time No See

It's a shame. . .but it has been WAY too long. I need to get back to my mission of healthy living. So much has happened in the past year. . . we moved, Scott changed jobs, I cut back on my job. . .

anyway, we're all doing fine. I had surgery last August 31st. . .that's 2007. I realize it's been quite a while since I've posted here. . . Anyway, I fixed some issues that got a bit messed up with pregnancy & being on my feet too much. Enough said, I also gained some weight following the surgery due to inactivity. I now weigh approx 132 or so. . .depending on the day & the scale. This weight does not bother me but the feeling of not being in shape does. OK, the increase in size of jeans ticks me off a bit too. . .but I'll get over that. If only the weight had been gained in my chest! Not so lucky in that area.

Anyway, I've got to get back to working out. This weather is just an excuse to not be active. I must start to make some efforts.

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 07, 2006


I biked to the post office today. . .and back of course. I've been feeling very fatigued lately & think it's time I jump on the fitness bandwagon. I don't want my thyroid meds to be increased & the thing that helps transition T3 to T4 is exercise!

I weighed myself last week at work & was 125. . .so I'm not gaining weight. I'm still breastfeeding a little bit. . .but I'm drying up quickly. It's inevitible. But I do plan to make it one full year. Only one more month to go. I'm not giving up now!

I need to not slack on the food choices. When I do I pay the price. Too much sugar & I'm stuck with a belly ache & usually time spent in the bathroom if you know what I mean:( Don't need that!

Time to motivate!